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Thursday evening mixed
  1. You must show up with a partner of the opposite sex. (Not necessarily a couple.)

  2. You must be present for the full 2 hours unless there is an emergency or injury.

  3. Games will last 12 minutes each.

  4. $3.00/player.

  5. The evening will be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

  6. All games must be played in a mixed format (one man/one woman per team.)

  7. All calibers are invited.

  8. In case of rain, the session will be postponed to Friday. In the case of rain on Wednesday (for the regular session), it will be postponed to Thursday. Consequently, the Thursday mixed session will also be postponed to the following day (Friday).

  9. This evening is an addition to the Dieppe club's summer program.
    Dieppe club rules apply.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday evening in mixed.

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