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Board of Directors 2023-2024.jpg
Board of Directors 2023-2024

From left to right, Éric Allain, director, Gilles Volpé, director, Evelyne Beaudry, secretary, Daniel Bordage, director, Paulette Bordage, treasurer, Marc LeBlanc, president, Louis-Marcel Daigle, director, Miguel Levasseur, vice-president, Charline Jenkins, director, Mike Doiron, director.

Board of directors 2022.jpg

Board of Directors 2022-2023

(l. to r.) Gilles Volpé, director, Daniel Bordage, director, Paulette Bordage, treasurer, Mike Doiron, director, Paulette Gaudet, director, Daniel LeBlanc, vice-president, Louis-Marcel Daigle, director, Marc LeBlanc, president , and Éric Allain, director (absent at the time of the photo, Evelyne Beaudrey, secretary).

Board of Directors 2019-2022

President: Claudette LeBlanc

Vice-president: Daniel LeBlanc

Treasurer: Monique Pooley

Secretary: Evelyne Beaudry

Director: Cheryl Parrish

Director: Ron Melanson

Director: Pat LeBlanc

Director: Dorine Melanson

Director: Louis-Marcel Daigle

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