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Ginette Chiasson and Rina 3.0.jpg
Ginette and Rina Podium 3.0.jpg
Andrea Bouchet and Debbie Doiron 3.0.jpg

Or - Gold: Ginette Chiasson & Rina Chiasson

Double Femmes 3.0 (60 et plus)

Women Double 3.0 (60 and above)

Andrea and Debbie Podium 3.0.jpg

Gold - Gold: Andrea Boucher & Debra Doiron

Women's Doubles 3.0 (59 and under)

Women Double 3.0 (59 and under)

Mathieu Ouellette Antoine Harrissart 3.0.jpg

Gold - Gold: Mathieu Ouellette & Antoine Harrissart

Men's Doubles 3.0 (59 and under)

Men Double 3.0 (59 and under)

Mathieu and Antoine Podium 3.0.jpg
Marc LeBlanc Normand Gagnon 3.0.jpg
Marc and Normand Podium 3.0.jpg

Gold - Gold: Marc Leblanc & Normand Gagnon

Men's Doubles 3.0 (60+)

Men Double 3.0 (60 and above)

Ray Cyr Doug Stafford.jpg
Ray Cyr 3.5.jpg

Silver - Silver: Ray Cyr & Douglas Strafford

Men Double 3.5 (50 and over)

Men Double 3.5 (50 and above)

Françoise St-Onge and Pat LeBlanc 3.5.jpg
Françoise and Pat Podium 3.5.jpg

Bronze: Pat LeBlanc & Françoise St-Onge

Women's Doubles 3.5 (65+)

Women Double 3.5 (65 and above)

Paulette Gaudet and Katie Holmes 4.0.jpg
Antoine Harrissart simple 3.0.jpg

Gold - Gold: Paulette Gaudet & Katie Holmes

Women's Doubles 4.0 (60+)

Women Double 4.0 (60 and above)

Paulette and Katie Podium 4.0.jpg
Paulette and Benoit 4.0.jpg
Françoise and Phillipe Mixed podium 4.0.jpg

Bronze: Antoine Harrissart

Men's Singles 3.0 (all ages)

Men Single 3.0 (Any age)

Antoine Harrisart Podium 3.0.jpg
Paulette and Benoit Podium 4.0.jpg

Gold – Gold: Benoit Godin & Paulette Gaudet

Mixed Doubles 4.0 (50 and over)

Mixed Double 4.0 (50 and above)

Bronze: Françoise St-Onge & Philippe Cyr

Mixed Doubles 4.0 (50 and over)

Mixed Double 4.0 (50 and above)

Philippe Cyr Simple 4.0.jpg
Phillipe Cyr Podium 4.0.jpg

Argent - Silver: Philippe Cyr

Hommes Simple 4.0 (50 et plus)

Men Singles 4.0 (50 and above)

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