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Code of Ethics

  1. I treat all people equally.

  2. I respect the game, the rules, myself and others.

  3. I have honesty, integrity and loyalty.

  4. I am tolerant.

  5. I accept defeat by being satisfied with the effort accomplished within the limits of my abilities and by recognizing the good work of my partners and opponents.

  6. I demonstrate sportsmanship at all times.

  7. I will always remember that pickleball is a game and that I do it for fun.

Code of conduct during games

  1. Do not hog the courts during warm-ups.

  2. Before each game, greet the players and introduce yourself to the new ones.

  3. Make sure everyone is ready before starting the game.

  4. Call the points out loud.

  5. Do not cross on a court when the ball is in play.

  6. Call the out balls loudly, especially when it goes to other courts.

  7. Stop the game when a player from another court calls "ball".

  8. Allow the players to make the calls; not the spectators.

  9. ‘’Out’’ calls are made by the pickleball players on the side of the pickleball court where the pickleball bounces.

  10. If you and your partner can’t determine if the ball was in or out, the benefit of the doubt goes to your opponents.

  11. Avoid taking advantage of people’s limitations.

  12. Never criticize opponents nor your partner’s play.

  13. At the end of the game, all players meet at the net to congratulate and say thank you.

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