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What do the categories mean?


Session 1 (Initiation): This is a single session of just under two hours that allows you to take your first steps in pickleball. This is essentially your first time trying the sport. This one time session will provide you with safety rules, an explanation of the court and equipment, the basics of hitting the ball on serve, return of serve and in game situations, court positions, as well as learning more about pickleball (history, scoring, etc.).

Session 2 or 3 (Beginner): two to three sessions of approximately two hours each in which you continue what you learned in the initiation course, but in a game context, particularly court positions and dinking.   Trainers are on hand to offer advice as you gain experience. You then play with other beginners.


Intermediate: You feel comfortable with the basics of pickleball and can now play games against other players at your level or higher. You will continue to develop the skills to improve your game over several weeks or months.


Advanced: You consider yourself a more competent player with advanced skills. You can now play games against other advanced players at both recreational and competitive levels. If you are competitive, you are ready to enter various tournaments in levels 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5.

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